What has been going on with me

I haven’t been posting lately because there is a lot of things going on in my life. I have very busy with both my businesses of locksmithing and metal detecting. I have stepped away from Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC  because of two reasons. The first is because our business has been growing. The second is the few people that have control are making changes that I didn’t agree with when I started this club. They are getting away from a family club and a few are in it for Me, Me, Me, instead of building it as a family hobby. I have started a group within my Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental Business. People that do business with me are in the group. I plan to push the family hobby so I can get kids involved as the future diggers in this great hobby. I am starting to do more videos for advertising for both our businesses. My wife who is the main heart of both of our businesses had foot surgery in Oct so has been off and I have been the main person running our business. The last week of November she came back to light duty and is going to PT two times a week. The week of  Nov 12th all our kids came home so our house was full with 8 adults and 5 grand kids. We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. I have been busy with writing newsletters for Ground View Metal Detectors. If your interested, your welcome to sign up for my newsletters at http://www.groundviewmetaldetectors.biz go to the bottom of my main page and sign up. I will close for now but will be writing more blogs after the first of the new year.  Until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.






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