Holidays Approaching Fast

With the holidays approaching, are you leaving town to visit with family and friends? Are you having friends or neighbors watch your house and/or your pets while your gone? Think about a keyless entry lock or Install a key safe to The side of your home to put keys in. Lights should be on times in different rooms of the home so it looks like someone is there. Along with that comes snow removal and someone picking up your mail and packages that may come to your residence. Do you have deadbolts on your doors? This is the first thing a burglar looks for is a home without deadbolts installed.

If the person who is watching your home accidentally locks your key(s) inside and need to call a locksmith, that locksmith cannot legally open the house without the owners permission and supplying the locksmith with the proper identification. Picture ID, drivers license that shows they own the premises the locksmith needs to unlock. The homeowner should draft a letter giving so and so permission to watch the house during their absence. Have the letter signed by both parties in front of a Notary Public. This covers both parties should an emergency arise.
If you would like to talk about how to secure your home, contact us at (715)726–0687, or stop and see us at 706 E Grand Ave in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Author: CV Lock & Key LLC

I am 63 years old, married and 4 grown kids. My wife and I started the lock shop in our garage at our home in 1995. Six months later we had to move downtown Chippewa Falls and now 26 years later, we are in our new shop located at 706 E Grand Ave next to Bresina's Resturant and across from the Chippewa Co Highway Shops. Feel free to ask our staff for any assistance for your security needs.

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