Reconstruction of our Website

Please excuse us while we go through a change. We have decided to rebuild the old website from the ground up to better serve you, our customers in this day and age where everyone uses the internet to do their buying of products. I am in the process of adding and building a web-store to better serve you in purchasing products from Chippewa Valley Lock & Key LLC. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but in the end will better help you in choosing products and door hardware to meet your needs. Thank You. Kenny & Janell Briggs

Janell & Kenny, Owners of Chippewa Valley Lock & Key LLC

2 thoughts on “Reconstruction of our Website”

  1. Hi Kenny and Janell, Let me know if I can help you in any way with your new website. You might consider couple things.
    1) Your domain name in the .com is available for registration. You might register it and have it auto-redirect to your .org. Or use the .com and redirect the .org to the .com.
    2) You might want your website address on your building. Front and East side. I offer a website address that represents your phone number.
    As … . This URL can be set to auto-redirect to your domain name. Ask me for a demo to see it work.
    see for details.

    3) I own Lots of possibilities with this domain.
    Using Folders and sub-domains. ???

    When talking on the phone, or FB video etc. any of these on a sign in view, or on the phone, it’s easy to tell a prospect to go to one of these to get to a page on your site specific to the product you are talking about..
    __???? /????

    Local viewers already have the zip Code burned in. To brand the folder or sub domain word / words will be remember able I think.

    Your new site might be two subjects, locksmith and detectors.
    promoting one’s up like could go to a landing page, and from that page, the surfers choose locksmith or detectors to proceed.

    In other words Kenny, with some of these URL’s, you can have a website address that is easy to remember, and could be a sign on your building for traffic to see, and remember.

    Also magnetic vehicle door sign.
    Even yard sale type sign up and down the street, to traffic.
    And of course, novelties. Put a web address (sticker) on every product sold.

    Each / Any would be set to auto-redirect to your main website domain.

    Likewise I also am rebuilding all my sites.

    As for the phone number URL’s, I can offer 1-_ _ _ .com/_ _ _ – _ _ _ _ for any phone number in USA and Canada.
    At my you will see I have all the area code domain names in USA and Canada.

    I offer 50% commission to my reps. That’s $25 per sign up.
    Find a real-estate office anywhere in the country, and they sign up say 20 agents, it is 20 times them money.
    Any home, cell / business phone number user is a possible client.
    Keep this in mind.

    You, Janell, your kids can all be reps. Once they know how it can work for home and business, they will start seeing plain jane phone numbers everywhere, that could be / should be presented also as a website address to magnify it’s web potential in advertising.

    Actually, same goes for my zip code domains. For other businesses.
    and zips for over 50 other cities in WI and MN.

    And one more product I can offer.
    That is email addresses. … website address … email address

    These two say it all shortly and easily.
    Showing this during your FB video’s on a back ground sign, and WALLA.

    And Remember, as a Rep, you can offer this to the locals. And any area code viewers with the area code. or the other 325+ area codes in USA and Canada.

    Stay WELL,

    YuXia and John

    P.S. I offer web hosting at my site.

    Word Press hosting.

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