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About CV Lock & Key LLC

I am 63 years old, married and 4 grown kids. My wife and I started the lock shop in our garage at our home in 1995. Six months later we had to move downtown Chippewa Falls and now 23 years later, we are moved into our new shop located at 706 E Grand Ave next to Bresina's Resturant and across from the Chippewa Co Highway Shops. Feel free to ask our staff for any assistance for your security needs.

Security for the Holidays

   1.  Do you know who will be watching you home, valuables, animals, etc when you go on vacation?

2.   Have you announced over social media that you will be going on vacation?

3.  In case of an emergency do you have a plan in place?

4.   What happens to your mail and/or newspaper?

5.   Will your animals be in a proper shelter or is relatives and friends watching your animals?

6.  Who has keys or combination to the lock(s) to your home?

These are some of the questions we have to ask ourselves before leaving to go on vacation. The first question,  do you know the person(s), are they a relative or friend and can you trust them with the key or combination to your property? Normally it is family members. Have you contacted the local law enforcement agency and let them know you will be out of town from this date to this date and requested a house watch? If you have animals , will relatives be stopping by to water and feed them and let them outside to do their job? What happens if the take care of the pet(s) and lock the keys I the house. A locksmith or police officer cannot open that house to retrieve the keys the caretaker left in the house. Have this problem thought out ahead of time by having a signed letter giving the police or locksmith the authorization to open the house for the caretaker before you leave. Have the note authorized by a notary public so it is signed and dated.  If you don’t have this set up ahead of time, the locksmith has to try and contact the owners by Cellular to get the authorization along with a photo ID of the home owner. This happened to us one year. We were able to make contact with the owners. They took a photo of their drivers license and set it to us along with authization to open the house in the form of a text. Remember to leave a copy of your itinerary in case of an emergency at home and authorities have to locate you. Leave dates, places, discription of your vehicle along with the plate number and state.  Have your mail and newspaper held until you get back. DO NOT LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE GONE ON VACATION. BURGLARS ALSO WATCH SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THINGS LIKE THIS.  Put your animals in a proper shelter while you are away so they can be properly taken care of and excersised daily. If you had keys cut ahead of time, check the keys before you leave town so you know they are working. 

If you you have any questions, feel free to contact Chippewa Valley Lock & Key LLC. We have been in the locksmith business for 25 years and Kenny is a retired law enforcement officer with a 36 year 7 month career. (715)726-0687. Email is

Who is a Locksmith

This is a podcast of who a Locksmith really is. I was interviewed by Money Magazine this past week about who or what is a locksmith. They were under the assumption all we do is open houses and cars and cut keys. This is not the first time I have heard people say this so I have put together this podcast after being in this great trade for the last 23 years. I hope you enjoy it.

Who is a Locksmith